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Hundreds Attend the 2023 Waterfront Run/Walk 

On Sunday (9/10/2023) CrimsonRise sponsored a Waterfront Run/Walk For Autism at Wolfes Pond on Staten Island. Hundreds attended to run the beautiful 1k and 5k course or to join in the one-mile walk. Others were there to watch and lend their support.

The event was dedicated to the late Nick D’Amora, one of CrimsonRise’s co-founders, in recognition of his extraordinary commitment and contribution to the organization and to Spelling-to-Communicate (S2C).

We were there for the races, but many were inspired to speak on camera about CrimsonRise and S2C.

Photo of Nicholas D Amora

“…There are so many millions that we still need to reach”

Nicholas D’Amora

Nick put a bright light on the truth that autism is more of a motor and sensory disorder than a cognitive one. Everyone he touched was inspired by his dedication to fostering hope, change, and empowerment…and his legacy lives on.

Join us in raising awareness and breaking down barriers. Your support–financial, personal, and moral–is helping us meet the needs of the the nonspeaking autistic community to which Nick belonged.

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