People Talking Together Pointing to Letters


Spelling to Communicate (S2C) teaches individuals with motor challenges the purposeful motor skills necessary to point to letters to spell as an alternative means of communication (AAC). The goal is to achieve synchrony between the brain and body.

We serve autistic individuals from ages 3 and up, who have sensory, movement and communication differences to enable spelling to communicate by:

      1. Presuming competence
      2. Coaching motor skills
      3. Co-regulating

Our services include:

One-on-One S2C Coaching

A registered S2C practitioner will work with your new or fluent speller to enable them to access communication through purposeful pointing or typing of letters. 

A spelling session is for 1 hour. We work for 45 minutes with your speller, during which the practitioner works on building purposeful motor, sensory, cognitive and regulation goals. We achieve this through lessons that are age-appropriate and engaging. We use visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile modalities of engaging the body and mind. The remaining time is used to coach the parent/caregiver to become a communication and regulation partner. 

How many sessions a speller takes in a week varies based on family resources and time. We recommend a minimum of 1 session per week. It takes consistent practice to spell with accuracy and fluency.


Our fellowships (otherwise known as Groups) are open to all – neurotypical and neurodiverse – and are a forum for group interaction, teamwork, relationship-building, and learning. 

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The Studio

A day program for spellers; our discovery and learning studio is a 12 month program. 

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S2C Coaching for Parents, Siblings and Assistants

We work within the framework of your one-on-one coaching session with your speller to get you to be a fluent communication and regulation partner. Our coaching includes:

Foundations in S2C covering core concepts that define this practice

Techniques used in S2C practice, with ongoing coaching where you get to work with your child under the mentorship of a registered S2C practitioner.

Program Consulting

CrimsonRise leaders and cofounders have expertise in establishing organizations both nonprofit and for profit. Our expertise ranges from:

Organization Development includes governance, strategic planning, business planning, establishment as a legal entity, recruitment of C-Suite staff, coaching and succession planning.

Program Development includes program design, curriculum development, staffing, training, mentoring and coaching.

Movement and Motor

Motor skills are essential to what we do both on and off the letterboard. This is why our team puts an emphasis on strengthening various motor functions from ocular motor to fine and gross motor skills.  We incorporate activities to strengthen the body’s coordination and movement in everything we do. We presume competence in the body. We partner with movement, occupational therapists, fitness, dance, yoga providers and create collaborative programming at their space, or within our Fellowships and Studio programs. 

Regulation and Counseling

Our regulation and counseling sessions include consultations with periodic check-ins. Counseling is offered only in person while regulation is also offered  through virtual sessions. S2C practitioners, a Licensed Counselor and Nonspeaking Peer Counselors form part of this offering.

All our practitioners have expertise in regulation, and provide mentoring and coaching for this in our one-on-one practice.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Consultations by our licensed occupational therapist. The therapy consultation includes all aspects of OT, as well as those informed by S2C, such as building ocular motor skills to meet reading goals, as well as improving fluency and accuracy while spelling.

Out of Town Services

For spellers who want to start S2C or improve skills our Out of Town intensive sessions allow spellers access to intensive one-on-one coaching for S2C. In addition, options to join in with speller groups in The Studio or Fellowship will be available. Occupational Therapy, Movement, Yoga, Counseling, Parent Coaching are also available based on the spellers needs.