A Neurodiverse Community

CrimsonRise envisions a world where people with autism have the support they need in every sphere of life; a world where they can come together with allies to create and sustain an inclusive and enriching environment for all.

Our mission is to serve autistic individuals with sensory, movement and communication differences by presuming competence and providing communication access and regulation support.

Our Fellowships are a collection of classes and clubs through which spellers and allies come together to explore topics of interest. These groups offer opportunities to partake in learning experiences related to science, technology, the arts and everything in between. We offer inclusive programming, providing necessary support for those who need it, and we accommodate any learning style. This is an environment where the pursuit of knowledge and the development of skills are equally available to all learners in the community.

We are an alliance of S2C practitioners and allied professionals (SpecialFit, teachers, wellness coaches and licensed mental health counselors) working to expand communication access and foster the development of learning and living opportunities for the autistic people in our community. Our practitioners contribute significant pro bono hours and offer discounted rates for certain services as necessary investments to build models and incubate new ventures that address the current gaps in our system.