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Our Name

We, the autistic co-founders, have worked very hard to accept our identity as autistics, and on our motor sensory differences to become fluent spellers. We want every nonspeaker to have spelling to communicate access like we do. In 2021 we approached our allies and asked them to cofound an organization that would make communication access possible for many like us.

We led the branding and logo creation for our organization. We wanted to found an organization that is of very high standing in everything we do. When reviewing the curriculum for our Studio program, we discovered that Harvard University has the oldest daily college newspaper in the US, known as The Crimson. We liked having an association with that name. We know that we are rising. That the future for nonspeakers is rising and will be even better than ours. From this came our name CrimsonRise.


Our Logo

When we came to design the visual representation of our organization, we did not want to show rising as a continuous linear upward movement. We experience rising differently. This is what our logo represents. We rise, gain control over our bodies and regulation. We lose it, and we experience loss and trauma. We pause. And then we rise again, sometimes lower than before, but we rise again. This is represented by the way the rays appear in our logo.. They are not all equal in length and there are gaps between them.