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Our Philosophy

Presume Competence

We believe in creating an environment that supports the sensory and motor processing needs of neurodiverse individuals. We seek the perspectives and counsel of those we serve so that they may learn in a setting designed to maximize their successes.

Growth Mindset

Practice, support and opportunities create growth. With these things, all learners can develop the capacity to grow and overcome challenges. We recognize and reinforce the efforts of our learners so that they may develop resilience and believe in their ability to succeed.


Everyone has the desire to live as independently as possible. Everyone desires friendship and to live in a community that fosters relationship building. We believe that with the right coaching and opportunities, our learners will achieve these goals. We offer group learning opportunities that encourage personal growth and foster peer-to-peer relationships in a flexible setting.

Communication Access

The ability to communicate is a fundamental human right; it should be accessible to all people– including those from the nonspeaking, minimally speaking and unreliably speaking populations. We strive to provide access to communication methods that allow these individuals to express themselves in a way that is optimal for them.