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What is S2C?

S2C is a method that teaches the purposeful motor to point to letters on a letterboard or keyboard to enable nonspeakers to communicate.

What ages do you serve?

We serve children 3+ and adults of any age.

Who can use S2C?

Nonspeaking (formerly called nonverbal) people, minimally speaking people, and people who have scripted and/or unreliable speech have great success communicating with S2C.

Autistic individuals, as well as people with motor sensory differences, use this as an effective, impactful communication method.

Here is a more detailed description of the type of nonspeakers we work with:

Nonspeaking: Someone who does not or rarely speaks with words but may produce sounds.

Minimally speaking: Someone who may be able to communicate simple requests like what they would like for a snack but are unable to use speech to communicate deeper or more complex thoughts such as their emotional experience.

Unreliably speaking: Someone who may say many words, such as phrases from a movie or the name of a restaurant, but are unable to access speech as an intentional means of communication.

Do only autistic individuals use S2C?

If someone you know cannot share their thoughts, ideas and emotions, they are a candidate for S2C. S2C has expanded the communication possibilities for many children and youth (5-18) and adults (18- 65+) who identify with or who have been labeled with:

      • Autism
      • Down’s syndrome
      • Angelman’s syndrome
      • Rett syndrome 
      • Cerebral palsy
      • Other sensory-motor differences