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The Studio

Our discovery and learning studio is a day program for spellers that runs all year. It is modeled on an Interdisciplinary Foundation program. A semester-based system offers a rotating curriculum that provides knowledge and skills applicable across all disciplines, including topics of general interest, as well as socialization, communication and independence skills. Advancement comes in the form of electives, internships and participation on site or in the field. Like all our programs, this was developed and designed by our cofounders in collaboration with their allies. Spellers, practitioners, and parents are continually working to shape this program to ensure it provides opportunities for nonspeakers to discover, learn, and take their place in the world.

Option 1

The Studio is offered as a 5-days-a-week program. It runs all year.

Option 2 

Spellers pick from a menu of options,  to choose the parts of The Studio program they would like to join. These are available as either a 2-hour session or a 5 hour day, including a lunch break.

Here are some sample offerings of The Studio:

Semester Studies


  • Book Club, Advocacy in the Communication Access Movement

Fitness and Wellness

  • Yoga and Mindfulness with Melissa Chen
  • Movement with Matt Geib
  • Hiking and outdoor activities – moving beyond the board


  • Game -Time
  • Counseling – Spellers learn what counseling can provide them, our counselor works with them to find the the right fit for them


  • Culinary Arts developing into a community offering.
  • Documentary Filmmaking

Field Studies

  • Experiences, case studies and projects in the world outside