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Gabriella Gavinelli

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Gabi is a Registered S2C Practitioner who provides individual sessions with clients to access communication via letterboard. Gabi is also an occupational therapist for the New York City Department of Education System. She brings both these powerful disciplines together and works with her clients to help them gain competence in goals that involve everyday motor planning, integrating into a sensory environment that is not designed for them, and developing communication through Spelling to Communicate.

Gabi believes that respect is something to be afforded to all. She is passionate about changing the dated beliefs many hold towards nonspeaking people. To fulfill this mission, she educates and informs allies who work closely with nonspeaking people about the brain-body disconnect. Gabi holds a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree of Occupational Therapy, as well as a Minor in Psychology from Long Island University – Brooklyn. She hopes to pursue an Occupational Therapy Doctorate degree, she wants to contribute to research in  the experiences of Autistic people living with a neurology that doesn’t allow their brain and body to work in synchrony. 

In her free time, you can most certainly find Gabi movin’ and groovin’ to her favorite music, eating at her favorite restaurants or hanging with her adorable parakeet named Periwinkle!

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