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Fellowships of Spellers and Allies

Our fellowships (otherwise known as Groups) are open to all – neurotypical and neurodiverse – and are a forum for group interaction, teamwork, relationship-building, and learning. Once a speller has settled into their one-on-one spelling sessions we offer them an opportunity to learn with their peers. It provides fluent spellers an opportunity to be mentors, and for new spellers to see what it is to have access to communication. All the other benefits of group learning apply – working as a team, enjoying the dynamics of being in an upbeat and supportive learning environment, building self-confidence, and being paired with different S2C practitioners.

Our Fellowships are a collection of classes and clubs through which spellers and allies come together to explore topics of interest. These groups offer opportunities to partake in learning experiences related to science, technology, the arts and everything in between. We offer inclusive programming, providing necessary support for those who need it, and we accommodate any learning style. This is an environment where the pursuit of knowledge and the development of skills are equally available to all learners in the community.

Course Catalog 2022-2023

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SEPTEMBER: Astronomy with Space & Time

An introduction to Astronomy providing a quantitative introduction to the physics of the solar system, stars, the interstellar medium, the galaxy, and the universe, from a variety of astronomical observations and models.

OCTOBER: Philosophy 101

Discover the world’s greatest thinkers and their groundbreaking notions. Whether you’re looking to unravel the mysteries of existentialism, or just want to find out what made Voltaire tick, Philosophy 101 has all the answers.

NOVEMBER: History of Sports

Analyze the historical role that Sports have had in our society. Focus on the emergence of modern sports and the role they play, and understanding how their evolution over time is connected with relevant historical processes.

DECEMBER: Inventors & Their Inventions

Explore the history of invention, innovation and the work of the most famous inventors. Learn how the work of these inventors have changed or improved the way in which we live today.


Games have been a part of human society since the earliest civilizations. They create social bonds and build life skills. It’s a great way to unwind. Let’s learn and play some of the world’s most favorite games!

FEBRUARY: Wall St Stock Market & Investment

An introduction to the art and science of trading, investing, and managing a portfolio. Explore the historical world of Wall Street and the importance of global finance investing, including stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.

MARCH: The Fundamentals of American Law

Designed to give a glimpse into six different areas of American law: Tort Law, Contract Law, Property, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure. You will gain insight into the complexities and dilemmas that arise from the application of
law in different settings.

APRIL: The Art of Journalism

Explore the history of journalism and see how social media and the digital world has changed the way news media operates.
Learn the basics of press law as well as the code of ethics journalists should follow while examining the skills needed to be
a journalist.

MAY: Astrology

Explore the energy of a Natal Chart, The Houses, The Signs, The Planets and Luminaries. Most importantly, explore what these things mean to us. The more we understand ourselves, the more responsible we become to our journey in the world
around us.

JUNE: International Food Studies

Designed to give a historical perspective on the development of cooking and cuisine in relationship to individual, national, and ethnic identity. Explore how studying food and foodways gives us a window into economic, symbolic, historic, and political realities of a culture.

JULY: Introduction to Mechanical Engineers

Gain insight into today’s ever-emerging field of mechanical engineering as you develop an appreciation for how engineers
design the hardware that builds and improves societies around the world. 

AUGUST: World Civilizations: The Renaissance

An introduction to the innovations, inventions, transformations, new ways of thinking, working and producing culture that formed the basis of the Renaissance. Discover the influential individuals of the time and their contributions to this
extraordinary period of history.