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Spellers the Movie Review by Crimson Spellers!!!

Photo of Nicholas D Amora
Photo of Cristofer Puleo
Photo of Tejas Rao Sankar
Photo of William Jusino

Nick D’Amora, CrimsonRise Cofounder

The movie paused poignantly at the right times. It celebrated nonspeakers competence. It showed so clearly that old methods are out and we need to embrace spelling as our mode of communication.

Cris Puleo, CrimsonRise Cofounder

It is about time the world saw and heard us. Spellers unite! Form a commitment for our cause. All of you eight spellers are brave, courageous and your stories are beautiful and inspiring. You are heroes. All of you.

Tejas Rao Sankar, CrimsonRise Cofounder

This movie is a call to start listening, for people to open their eyes. It will get parents to give their child S2C access. This is only the first step. There is still work to be done. The barriers are high. We need more spellers out there. More spellers means the opportunity to work on the change we need. Spellers will be able to make the world see that we are competent. S2C will become like getting a wheelchair. The faults in our bodies will no longer lead to us being denied a role, an education, a life.

William Jusino, CrimsonRise Cofounder

The documentary was a nice clear depiction of the nonspeakers perspective; with regards to the sensory challenges nonspeaker Jamie is more regulated than most nonspeakers. Evan is a more typical example of motor and sensory challenges. After people see this documentary, I hope lots of kids get what “real” (neurotypical) kids get more outside help. School isn’t solving the problem for neurodivergent kids.

Ava K, CrimsonRise Speller

We need spelling to communicate to save our lives. We need you to surrender what you think you know. Open your eyes, see your oppressing visions give us no promise.

Max Asofsky, CrimsonRise Speller

I enjoyed the movie. I need to see it again. It was so inspiring to see spellers on the screen.

Tiffany Joy, CrimsonRise Speller

Spellers was a good documentary about people like me who are stuck inside their
bodies with words they want to express. Now we can do this through spelling to
communicate. This method saved my life. I can now show the world how smart I am. I
get so frustrated with people thinking we are unable to accomplish anything because we cannot speak and think for ourselves. My mind explodes with all kinds of thoughts and feelings. My world is going to a more enjoyable and happy place. Can this method be used in school or other therapy places? It is still undecided. I feel this should be an option available to open our voice and minds.