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Victoria Fasulo

Photo of Victoria FasuloVictoria Fasulo is a trained Communication Regulation Partner (CRP) and a Special Education Teacher for the Department of Education. Her professional area of expertise is in teaching science to middle school special education students, but she is also a skilled fitness expert who is studying to become a Certified Personal Trainer.

Victoria believes that every person, regardless of disability status, should be offered the opportunities, resources and education that are available to people who fall within the mainstream. Dignity, respect and patience are the keys to ensuring every person has the opportunity to be who they are, and to make connections with themselves and the world around them.

In addition to loving her job, Victoria loves all realms of physical fitness–especially when they’re challenging. She has completed numerous Spartan obstacle course races both individually and with groups, and has learned to connect her body, mind and spirit through yoga and faith. She is hoping that through physical fitness, she can also help others find the mind/body connection they need.

Victoria Fasulo holds a Master of Science in Special Education from Wagner College and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the College of Staten Island. In her free time, Victoria enjoys spending time with her family, exercising in any capacity, listening to music and making Kahoots for her Kahoot platform. She believes that she is a work in progress and, like her students, never stops learning.