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Ann Jusino

Photo of Ann JusinoAnn Jusino is a research scholar and parent advocate, working with the Crimson team to foster a positive learning enviorment.  Ann worked alongside spellers to co-found CrimsonRise. She holds Master’s Degrees in Library and Information Science and English Literature from Rutgers University. Her current position is Associate Professor and Librarian at St. John’s University, providing instruction and research assistance to undergraduate and graduate students. She has co-authored several professional articles and is an active researcher in several academic areas.

Ann is a passionate disability justice advocate, and has curated the International Association for Spelling as Communication summer neuromedia campaigns in 2020 and 2021.

The parent of a speller, Ann is a firm believer in discrediting the current paradigm that speech and motor challenges equal cognitive deficits. She champions communication access for every individual, and works ardently to facilitate spellers’ access to knowledge, employment and personal growth opportunities, and community engagement. She is also a strong proponent of engaging parents and family to take an active role in the spelling process.

Ann has served on several organizational boards in a leadership capacity. Her most recent board position is as incoming president of the National Autism Association – NY Metro Chapter. In her down time, she is an avid gardener and naturalist, and enjoys spending time in nature and bringing nature into all aspects of her life. She is a passionate yogini and meditator.