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Photo of Lakshmi Rao Sankar

Matthew Geib


Matthew Geib, owner of Evolve-33, has worked as a personal trainer on Staten Island, NY over the last 10 years. Besides becoming a personal trainer, he’s obtained certifications through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He also became a ICF Certified professional coach through IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. He incorporates his passion for fitness and personal development into his work by incorporating highly effective mindset techniques. This includes subconscious reprogramming, visualization, meditation and priming to challenge his clients’ limiting beliefs and blocks that are preventing them from reaching the level they aspire to reach. His goal is to continue to help others as they explore life outside their comfort zone and build resilience while connecting their minds and bodies, in which they can become the healthiest and best versions of themselves. 

Photo of Susanne Cannella

Raul Fuentes


Raul Fuentes is the proud parent of four children. Two of whom are on the autistic spectrum. Raul has been involved with the Autistic community for the last 15 years. He has actively raised resources and awareness for organizations like Volunteers of America and Autism Speaks. Raul has also emceed and run fundraisers and events that have brought awareness, resources and energy  to the community. He continues those efforts by being a self direction broker and helping families obtain their budgets. He also provides education and access to the many different services and options that are available to them. His mission is to try and get every child and adult as much support and access needed to become their best self.

Photo of Lyndsay Morgan

Johnny Fish and the Fins


Johnny Fish and the Fins are a classic rock cover band, based in Staten Island, New York. They are made up 7 members, who all originate from the Staten Island/Long Island area. The majority of the band members have known each other for over 10 years and had ultimately formed an official band around the year 2013. The band performs around the Staten Island and New Jersey area, playing local pubs, fundraiser benefits, community gatherings and large social events. Their music selection ranges from artists such as Billy Joel to Led Zeppelin to P!nk and more. In recent years, they had the privilege of playing at the prestigious Stone Pony venue located in Asbury Park, New Jersey. With their eagerness to perform and their intense love for classic rock music, Johnny Fish and the Fins are always guaranteed to put on an electric, high energy show.